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  • Ceiling Repairs Perth (Damaged, Sagging or Split)
  • Cornice Repairs Perth (Damaged, Cracked or Hanging)
  • Wall Repairs Perth (Damaged, Cracks or Chips in Wall)
  • Peeling Ceiling Paint (Preparing difficult ceilings for painting)

Ceiling and Wall Repairs

Old Plaster-glass and Gyprock Ceiling Repairs Perth

-We Specialise in saving Old Plaster-glass or Gyprock Ceilings...

Old Sagging Ceilings or Tearing Ceilings are usually due to Age (10 Years or Older)

damage made worse due to Weather events.

Many Insurance Companys do not cover damages if -Ceilings have not been maintained.

We Provide Quotes and advise on Repairs Perth to Bunbury and Surrounding Hills Region.

We have over 30 Years Experience.

Quality Wall Repairs Perth

Walls get damaged through 

accidental damage and 

general wear and tear needing

quality preperation before 

Sealing and Painting again.

Walls get chipped by Furniture and

Cracks also appear as Buidings age or 

are effected by movement or 

Extreme weather changes.

We remove damaged sections of cracked wall and prepare properly 

before carrying out Wall Repairs

with Professional Wall products 

in preperation for sanding.

Sanding is done with a Quality Sander/Vac.

All work area are always 

left Clean and Vacumed.

Peeling Paint Ceilings


Many Ceilings are not prepared with

a Quality Sealer before Painting.

This leads to Paint not adhering to

Ceiling Properly.

Not only does this lead to the need for extra paint .

But it causes a gap between layers.

This can lead to Paint bubbling

and needing lots of 

extra preperation

before Ceilings can be Painted again.

We can help in most cases

by repairing and then 

sanding Ceilings ready for

Sealing and Painting properly by expert.

We use a professional Sander/Vac

so work areas are left 

Clean and Tiny.

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